July 12, 2015

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Architecture, Stock Market, Advanced Math, and more!
July 20 - July 31, 2015
CLICK HERE for the required summer assignment for
students entering 6th grade accelerated math.
Former students: CLICK HERE for the summer assignments.
Required pre-AP Algebra I and optional pre-Algebra.

Homework Calendar
Class Overview GoMath! Website
DIS Grading Guidelines Durham Intermediate Website
Four Square Architecture Blog 2015

[Rationals, Exponents, Variables, Expressions]

[All Integer Operations]

[All Fraction Operations]
Chapter 1 Packet Chapter 2 Packet
Chapter 3 Packet
Review 1 Review 3 Review 5
Review 2 Review 4 Review 6
Star Wars Site Integers in Sports Site Chocolate Banana Raisin Cookies
The Bubble Gum Factories Flipping for Integers Blood Types

[Two-Step, Multi-Step, Distributive Property]

[Two-Step, Multi-Step]

[Rates, Proportions, F-D-P]
Chapter 5 Packet Chapter 5 Packet II Chapter 6 Packet I
Review 8 Review 10 Review 11
Review 9   Food & Restaurants Site
Fruit Algebra    

[% of Number, Sales/Discounts, % Change]

[Proportional, Non-Proportional, Functions]

[Customary/Metric, Graphs, Spread of Data]
Chapter 6 Packet II GoMath! Website Chapter 8 Packet
Review 12 Review 13 Review 15
Food & Restaurants Site Review 14 Titanic Data / Titanic Graphs
Menu & Restaurant Project Domino Effect & Barbie Bungee GoMath! Statistics Extra
    Titanic Site / Titanic Projects
    Titanic LiveBinder

[Similar/Congruent, Transformations]

[Angles, Triangles, Transversals]

[Composite Shapes, Circumference, Area]
Chapter 9 Packet I Chapter 9 Packet II Chapter 10 Packet
Visual Dictionary Site Review 16 Do You Want to Build A Snowman?
Ambigrams Golf Club Angles Bull's Eye
Initial Symmetry   Inuit Igloos
    The Royal Rule

[Volume of Prisms/Pyramids, Surface Area]

[Theoretical/Experimental, Outcomes, Events]

[Design your Dream Home!]
Chapter 11 Packet Chapter 12 Packet Architecture Entire Packet
Review 17 Review 18 Architecture Final Project
  Hunger Games Site Architecture Site
  Hunger Games Reaping Simulation Architecture LiveBinder
  Hunger Games Coordinate Graph Architecture Extra Credit Project

[Individual Daily Activities & Homework]
Day 1: Scale Drawings Architecture Symbols Day 2: Apartment Size
Day 2/3: Home Measurements Day 3: 3D Models Day 4: Real Estate Statistics
Day 4: Home Statistics Day 5: Isometric Drawings Day 6: Inspection Record
Day 7: Electrical & Lumber Day 7: Flooring & Windows Final Project Requirements
Final Project Calculations Window & Door Schedule Landscape Logo Video

[Radicals, Pythagorean, Distance Formula]

[Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, Surface Area]
Chapter 14 Packet Chapter 15 Packet Chapter 13 Packet
Review 19 Review 20
Interception! Animals Site  
  Animal SA/Vol Project  
  The Buffalo Snowstorm  
Fall Exam Review Spring Exam Review STAAR Review
Optional Additional Problems    
Khan Academy Fantasy Football Site Math & PBL Units
Math TV Fantasy Football Scoring  
Mr. Underwood's Tutorial Videos Fantasy Football Champions  
  Fantasy Football LiveBinder  
65 Problem Solving Questions Short Projects Covering Many Topics All More Fun Than a Math Book
From The Hunger Games to the Titanic Great PBL Websites DIS Student Projects

The Meaning of the Word YET The Failure List Think You Are Having a Bad Day? Children Learn What They Live
I Resign Outdoor Safety Parable of a Child
The Art of Good Teaching The Cab Ride Too Busy for a Friend
What Do You Make What Money Can't Buy Just for Today
It Couldn't Be Done I Know Something Good About You The Miracle Workers

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