August 23, 2017

AS OF 8/18/17:

Durham Intermediate School, Southlake, TX         Sixth Grade Mathematics

You will turn the required summer assignment in, with all your work, on Friday of the first week of school.

Accelerated Summer Assignment

We use Edmodo and Canvas on a regular basis in class. The district will place you in Canvas.
You need to register on Edmodo. Parents can also view all Edmodo communication. READ THIS FIRST!
2017-18 Class Codes and
Student Guidelines
2017-18 Parent Overview
1st/2nd Period Student & Parent Flyer 5th/6th Period Student & Parent Flyer 8th/9th Period Student & Parent Flyer
  Edmodo Help Center  
Bookmark on electronic devices

Spend 314 seconds looking at the information on my homepage and click on a few links to see where they take you.
Students will be required to have some sort of pass to come to my room in the mornings from 8:00-8:30. Below is a set of passes you can print at home and keep in your backpack. There is also an Online Morning Hall Pass on my homepage that you simply show on your phone.

2017-18 Morning Hall Passes
Students must either show a hard copy or an electronic copy of my morning pass to come to my room each day. My room is open from 8:00-8:30.

The following guide provides an overview to this school year. Both students and parents need to read this guide.

2017-18 Accelerated Math Guide

We embrace technology in our classroom. Read some of our general guidelines.

Technology Expectations


Students are expected to maintain an 80 average to stay in accelerated math. Students will be rescheduled to compacted math if their average stays below 80 at any 2 CISD checkpoints.

Form for Parents & Students to Sign & Return

I will provide you a copy of these general class guidelines for your math spiral.

2017-18 Four Square Page
2017-18 Accelerated Math: Year at a Glance
  3 Things Students Desire to Hear From Teachers
  To My Son's Future Teacher
  2017-18 Curriculum Night Handouts
  "Careless" Mistakes
  ManghamMath Communcation Tree
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Finish everything above? Write down each step you completed and turn in to Mr. Mangham. Those turned in by 8/30 receive a homework pass. Everyone should complete this list by 9/1.

How can you help out our classroom?
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