April 28, 2017

AS OF 6/30/16:

Durham Intermediate School, Southlake, TX         Sixth Grade Mathematics

“Perhaps the most important connection to be fostered in mathematics instruction is the connection
between the mathematical ideas and students’ experience within a real-world context.”
– National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics

DAY 1 Activities        
  • Learn about scale drawings.
  • With yard sticks, measure bathrooms and kitchens that have been taped on the floors at DIS.
  • Turn hallway measurements into a scale drawing using architectural symbols.
  • HW: Create a scale drawing of a room at your house (kitchen or master bedroom) or use Google Earth to create a scale drawing of Durham Intermediate School.
DAY 2 Activities                
  • With rulers, measure the length and width of rooms of a scale drawing of an apartment.
  • Apply scale to determine the real-life dimensions of the rooms.
  • Use the dimensions to determine each rooms perimeter and area.
  • HW: Begin gathering data on your own homes. This will include room sizes, doors, electrical outlets, fans, and more.
DAY 3 Activities
  • Create a 3D apartment utilizing the scale drawing from Day 2.
  • Design the walls to scale along with all doors and windows correctly placed.
  • Enhance the 3D model with a walkway, tree, garage, and more.
  • HW: Continue Day 2 homework and additionally create a "bubble diagram" showing the layout of their entire house.
DAY 4 Activities               
  • Use mean, median, and mode in relation to home prices in different neighborhoods.
  • Calculate percentages bassed on a recent home survey.
  • Review energy usage in a typical Texas household.
  • Compare utility bills in different regions of the United States.
DAY 5 Activities              
  • Draw centimeter cubes isometrically.
  • Create an isometric drawing of the 3D apartment designed on day 2.
  • HW: Create an isometric drawing of your initials or take your shoe and draw it from three different perspectives.
DAY 6 Activities
  • Inspect a home for building code violations.
  • Analyze floorplans for appropriate architectural symbols and loigcal flow.
  • Compute the area of a home to then determine a logical selling price based on cost per square foot.
  • HW: Complete a similar analysis for a cabin
DAY 7 Activities               
  • Become an electrical contractors and determine placement of lights, outlets, and switches that meet code and woud be pleasing to the owners of the cabin.
  • Complete a lumber estimate for the cabin.
  • Determine perimeter and area of flooring and windows for the cabin.
DAY 8 Activities Financial Literacy
Final Project Activities               

  • Design a home meeting strict cost and code requirements.
  • Create a landscape design surrounding your home.
  • Complete final cost calculations of the home and landscape to determine the final price of the house.
  • Compute morrtgage payments and the yearly income needed to purchase the house.
  • Create a company logo, a home flyer to promote sales, and a video to advertise the property.