August 9, 2017

AS OF 6/30/16:

Durham Intermediate School, Southlake, TX         Sixth Grade Mathematics


Who is Mr. Mangham?
* Sixth grade math teacher at Durham Intermediate School in Southlake, TX
* 18th year of teaching mathematics
* Undergraduate degree from Duke University in electrical engineering
* Worked for nine years with GTE/Verizon in Irving, TX
* Went to the University of North Texas where I received both my teacher's certification (elementary education, mathematics) and master's degree (GT emphasis)
* 2003 Teacher of the Year at Caroll Intermediate School
* 2012 Teacher of the Year at Durham Intermediate School
* 2012 K-6 Teacher of the Year for Carroll ISD
What is the goal of this website?
The website serves as a focal point for my math classes as it includes many of materials we use throughout the school year. Additionally, it provides many resources that teachers and students may be able to use in other math classes.
What is my philosophy of teaching?
I want math to be real-world and project-based. Many of the math topics we study have been incorporated in project-based learning units.
* Project-based learning
* Thematics units
* Making math meaningful
What are my interests other than teaching?
I enjoy traveling and was a leader for the People to People Student Ambassador Program for nine years. My delegations visited Hawaii, western Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Greece, Italy, and Australia. In 2013 and 2014 I have traveled to the Galapagos Islands to photograph the diverse wildlife. In 2016 I visited Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. In 2017 I went on a 16 day excursion throughout all of Norway. I also enjoy visiting zoos and taking photos of all of the animals. Finally, all love all kinds of music, especially from the 1950s to today.