February 22, 2018

AS OF 8/18/17:

Durham Intermediate School, Southlake, TX         Sixth Grade Mathematics





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7th and 8th Grade Texas Mathematics Knowledge & Skills
Curriculum Night / General Class Information

I am available every morning from 8:00-8:30.

Summer Assignment

Geometric Relationships

Algebraic Reasoning


Polygons and Circles


Tests 1-6

Dimensional Geometry/Probability


Linear Equations

Pythagorean Theorem & Dim. Geometry II



Tests 7-12
Chapter 1
Chapter 6
Chapter 10
Chapter 16
Chapter 2
Chapter 7 - Part I
Chapter 11
Chapter 3
Chapter 7 - Part II
Chapter 12
Chapter 4
Chapter 8
Chapter 13
Chapter 4 Part II
Chapter 9
Chapter 14
Chapter 5
Chapter 9 Part II
Chapter 15

“Perhaps the most important connection to be fostered in mathematics instruction is the connection
between the mathematical ideas and students’ experience within a real-world context.”
– National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics
Become an architect, building inspector, contractor, landscape designer,
real estate agent and more! Design your dream home!
Day 1
Scale Drawings & Symbols
Day 2
Apartment Size &Home Measurements
Day 3
3D Models / Slopes
Day 4
Real Estate & Home Statistics
Day 5
Isometric Drawings/Linear Relationships
Day 6
Home Inspection Records
Day 7
Day 8
Home Finances
Days 9-16
Complete Final Project
Extra Credit Project LiveBinder Websites Award Winning Projects
  Complete Project 2018  
Participate in a reaping and determine how your odds stack up compared to Prim and Peeta.
Compare experimental and theoretical probability and simulate a Celebrity Hunger Games.
Day 1
Hunger Games Reaping
Day 2
Expected Outcomes

Day 3
Celebrity Hunger Games
Day 4
Tree Diagrams & Lists
Day 5
The Counting Principle
Day 6
Independent Events

Day 7
Dependent Events
Day 8
Are the odds in your favor?
Day 9
Day 10
Hunger Games Coordinate Graph Reaping Analysis

Apply your knowledge of volume and surface area while designing a new species of animal.
Day 1
Volume & Surface Area
Day 2
Applications to Animals
Days 3-4
Design A New Species
Discover the stock market by purchasing 10 stocks and learning about public companies.
Stock Market Challenge Packet Stock Market Challenge Stock Purchase Form LiveBinder of Stock Websites My Classroom Economy Site
All Teams Ranked All Stocks Ranked Most Popular Stocks  
Top Ranked Student Teams 1. The Stock Bros. 2. Random People 3. Skillz To Pay The Billz
Top Ranked Stocks 1. Foot Locker 2. Kohls 3. Twitter
Season 10 is complete. Check out our champions at the fantasy football website below, We hope everyone had fun at our 10th Annual Fantasy Football Draft Party!
Fantasy Football Website

40 years of Top 40 hits! Choose 4 songs that hit Number 1 on the pop chart from 1960-1999.
Using a variety of statistics determine the biggest hit!

1960s Song Choices

1970s Song Choices

1980s Song Choices

1990s Song Choices
Number One Hits Chapter Packet Number One Hits Graphs Project Overview Layout
Survey Templates to Print Billboard Chart Research
[Used for 1960-1989]
Rock On the Net Research
[Used for 1990-1999]
Mr. Mangham's Top 1000 Songs
The Top Songs of Each Year
(based mostly on chart data)
The Top 1000 Songs of All-Time
(based on charts, awards, critics, etc)
Have could more people aboard the Titanic have been saved?
Apply statistics and measurement from the ship being built and setting sail to hitting the iceberg and its eventual discovery.
Data Graphs Project Overview Student Projects
LiveBinder Websites Titanic Statistics & Measurement Chapter Packet    

Learn about food and nutrition, create a theme-based menu for your restaurant and complete an income and expense statement.
Menu & Restaurant Project      
Using a Star Wars theme, attack topics such as order of operations and algebraic expressions and equations with Jedi Arenas and Kaadu eggs.
Algebraic Reasoning
Chapter Packet Hasbro Star Wars  
Utilize integers in golf, hockey, football, and more.
Integers in Sports Chapter Packet Scholastic Integer Football Flipping for Integers  


Below are some of my favorite anmial photographs that I have taken in the last three years.

The Meaning of the Word YET The Failure List Think You Are Having a Bad Day? Children Learn What They Live
I Resign Outdoor Safety Parable of a Child
The Art of Good Teaching The Cab Ride Too Busy for a Friend
What Do You Make What Money Can't Buy Just for Today
It Couldn't Be Done I Know Something Good About You The Miracle Workers

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